I spy my eyes on “something green, something starting with X, something ending with M, something slanting, something oval, something possible, something….” a very simple game but brings lots of possibilities!

Yes, possibility was the theme this week.


You can be whatever you want to be -  “10,000 hour rule”. The author of outliner, Malcolm Gladwell explained the key to success in any field a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours. 10,000 hours = 3 hours a day, 20 hours a week for 10 years. And the possibilities are unlimited.


If you have something and you want to make something out  of it - you create possibilities. If you have sun energy, some solar panels and some wants - you create some possibilities.


Think about the numbers 1- 9 and add 0 to it and you create infinite possibilities.


“I cannot, I am not capable”, stops all the possibilities. While “ I am learning and understanding, I am active, I am awesome I am creating my change” creates many possibilities. A session on knowing myself created many possibilities for self.


A session to understand “graphic design” with Paolo, created many possibilities in designing. Designing is just not about drawing but lines, color, texture, composition, alignment, space…


A visit to Zen Renaissance healing centre created possibilities of knowing self, energy, meditation, emotions, healing and so on.


As session to know “Me and You” with Shilpa, opened up more options for self and the community. Experiential activities based sessions  to get a deeper understanding of some life skills like self reflection, creativity, taking leadership, etc.  


Involvement of  Marents (Parent Mentor) opened up more possibilities to add value in our learning journey and community building.


When feeling frustrated, and felt helpless calling for a community emergency meeting helped to be heard and take collective decision. This opened up many possibilities of living together.


Watching a documentary future design about Jacque Fresco, opened up the possibilities of thinking inventing, solving.


Forest fire allows us to understand the various aspects of our actions and destruction to the nature around us. And making a fire line also opened up many possibilities of safety and community participation. 


And the week opened up many possibilities