Play Back Theatre

Practicing for play conference using a format of playback (or improv) theatre where children think, create and present on their own in a spontaneous environment. No concept of rehearsals – rather the whole format challenges one to improvise in a team LIVE! 
Its fun, it’s cathartic, It’s expressive, It's spontaneous, Its creative, it's boundless, its real, its teamwork, it's...
It’s simple, but it requires PRACTICE - practice as a team, a practice of listening, a practice of listening what others say (audience telling a story), a practice of what my peers say (what is my partner saying or acting). 
Its simple, but it requires LISTENING to instructions and DISCIPLINE on the stage. 
Its simple, but it requires THINKING in many different ways (some call it creativity or thinking out of the box).
Its simple, but it requires PATIENCE to act!
It simple, but it requires combining many aspects of PRESENTATION - characterization, voice, levels, props, action, music, patterns and music. 
It's just so simple!
First public show in International Play Conference held in Bangalore gave a final touch to the entire preparation.