Planning Why?

When we add 'when, why, how, what, where else" to our planning - it helps us to go beyond the task to start thinking about the purpose.

And reflection at the end of the day with reflective questions helps to think more. We gave a word and others came up with a question, We did not stop for answers, we all just made questions with the words.  Some examples here

Kindness - How was I kind to others during my work?
Experimenting - When all I was experimenting today?
Optimistic - How I converted any problem in an optimistic way?
Explosions - What happened in your day which was explosive?
Hot chocolate fudge - What was like hot chocolate fudge in your last two days?
Sky Diving - What made you feel free, like skydiving? 
Anger - What if you were angry and you did not show in the day? What if the most interesting thing in your task was getting angry? 
Copy - Where all I copied others in last two days?
Uncomfortable - Whom you made uncomfortable this week?
Rasgulla - What felt like Rasgulla? 
Finished - What task you kept a timeline, but have not finished yet?