Imagine when you get up in the morning you see a map on our mirror - a map of habits of mind. You randomly choose one of those, say perseverance.

Now whatever happens during the day, in your life you focus on perseverance.

  • You voice your thoughts aloud, "I wish I was more perseverant with the bargaining at the shop"

  • You invite thoughts via questions, "What would happen if Chota Bheem was not so perseverant in fighting with the dragon?"

  • You throw challenges  "I am going to make you like this - lets see who is more perseverant - you or I".

  • You spot it in behaviour, "I was perseverant, when we were discussing about my stall in learning Utsav".

You live to explore perseverance, for a day. Imagine next day when you wake up, you choose again Perseverance. And this daily diet of exploration during this week is the way we will collect, play and create understanding about perseverance

And this is what we did this week while playing with perseverance.


Perseverance often means 'try, try, try and try".  Perseverance was the theme of the week...and some announced it as "try week".  Well, we didn't talk much about trying, but we did play with perseverance - Played with balls with and without open eyes and just acknowledge trying! Made a crossword with synonyms of "perseverance" and just colored many faces of perseverance. Play a game to experience perseverance in different forms.


We all are perseverant! It's just that we choose not to be. Reflection allowed us to discover that we all are perseverant!

And at the end of the week we made “TIMEs of PERSEVERANCE” - with all the stories of perseverance.