Partner Yoga

Partner yoga with Praveen tested our body on all the aspects and we realized how much more work we need to do If we wish to see ourselves FIT -:)


Body and fitness are very less talked about topic in any learning journey. ​In homes, regular exercise routine seldom find a place. Sports is looked as a skill and gets associated with good and bad player, winning and losing, trophy and competitions.

I began with regular exercising at the age of 35yrs. It took me few years  to understand the role of exercise in my living and growth. Unfortunately I started when I had some medical complications and used Yoga for cure.

Exercising comes with a tag to lose weight :( and it comes very late in our lives. I wish we create fitness environment in our children's life from the beginning, Here i am not talking about movements and outdoor play, I am talking about pure experiences to bring strength, stamina and flexibility.

​I​ts tough...especially when its very less admired in our daily lives. Its tough ... as it needs self discipline. Its tough... because it does not give any external rewards. Body has direct connection with brain...we all know about this. In my journey with parents and teachers and kids...I have met many parents who want their kids to work on some or other skills, but rarely met a parent who wanted the child to be fit.

So we began this bring REGULAR EXERCISING in our lives. We began understanding the role of regular exercising as we started learning journey in Aarohi, Even after loads of movement within our sessions, kids would feel tired and stiff. Bent backs while sitting are common or  so is huffing and puffing while climbing stairs. ​Continuing our work on bringing exercise in our daily routine ​... sometimes we drive them, sometimes push them, talk to them about it, meet with them people who are into fitness profession, help them to understand their routine, bring in practice, make it regular and consistent .