Opportunities - Projects

Learning comes to us in many different forms - often "From life for life".

 The concept of "Projects @Aarohi" or "campus needs" is to experience DOING and get introduced to various skills. Each one of us have some skills, some you can develop as we move ahead with the project. One can choose any projects and start working. One also have option of not choosing and continue to work on area of your interest. You may also like to make your own project (like of you are painting, you can make a painting book or if you like listening to stories, you can make a audio story!). Some projects which comes from our life at the campus - Gift Factory (Craft), Wall paintings and Wall labellings, Cloth Hanger (carpentry), Library Category Poster, Music Room designing, Acropolis - Walls and Seat designing, Song for Aarohi, Logo for Aarohi, Song Album (booklet), Outdoor Gym, Website Designing (Aarohi), Campus Nursery, Lighting in Apollo, Athena, Acropolis and Mud house, Audio system in Apollo, Orion and Ambrosia/Nectar, DC Mixie for Kitchen, Kitchen outdoor Stove, Chickens at Aarohi, Self Projects - Story/ Visual Book making, Self Projects - My Business, Painting Door Angles, matee cool fridge, programming for meal responsibility, baking snacks, chilli and tomato sauce fie kitchen, chutney pudy varieties, chutney varieties, homemade horlicks, neighbour farmer friends to buy their harvest veggie, brown rice from farmers, india map on a3 sheet, Drum pad...Our list is ever increasing as life is ever evolving.