Name Plates

We received few wooden strips. They looked perfect to make ‘nameplates’. We made few and others got excited to make more. Gift factory at Aarohi announced “nameplates for families”.  

For me making those nameplates was very easy. Neither it was new for me nor it was difficult. But it was interesting for me, so I started making.  Few kids joined, they made, they took help, they observed, they tried. Even then there are was nothing new for me.

 Later some of them expressed at a number of reflections “I made the nameplates for the first time, I created art for the first time, I am happy with creations, I could make nameplate”. Now, this was interesting for me to discover that there are many things which look so simple or known to me, but there are many of them for whom it could be a unique experience - a first time learners.


Often the question is asked by few adults visiting the campus ‘what can I teach?, I don't know anything (means worth teaching).” Well, we believe and often discover that each one of us is a great resource for kids around us. There is something unique in our experience which is worth sharing.  

So keep sharing and keep spreading joy.

Each learning experience is worth sharing. We don't know who and when and where will catch that and move ahead. There is magic in sharing!