Music in Life

Music bring people together (countries don't matter), changes your mood, transport to memories ... Often music is locked in "nice or bad". We limit music within playing instruments nicely or singing melodiously. 
Is it possible to explore music to enjoy life? 
Is it possible to find music in the heart which beats, air we breathe, vegetable we chop, book we flip, door we knock, steps we take and everywhere around us ?

Music in our life at campus began with an small activity exploring music around us ( in our breath, in our heart beats, in the vegetables we chop and so on).

Music jockey brought songs of different styles (Qwalli, Jazz ...). We made music with day to day objects. We communicated through musical instruments, some reflected with writing their own songs while some wrote speech.

And with all this our regular life continued ... fitness, cooking, cleaning, football, gardening, Festival celebration, crochet, reading, fighting, creative writing, carpentry, clay modeling, designing, researching, understatnding what is sex education, play with various games, exploring science, exploring hygiene, travelling, singing, working with mud, making wooden loft, maintaing campus repairs, searching for insects, baking, accounting, understatnding emotions and  maths club, craft club continued as usual.

"A visitor at campus asked, "kids at 12noon are playing football ? Is it they are not wanting to do any other work? He was pleasantly surprised that they were not "studying at this hour". It was a discovery for him that all interest ranging from cooking to carpentry to maths were part of our curriculum - curriculum which is designed by the life for life".