Man Friday - Seenappa

When we thinks of a resource person, often we look at people who are known for their work and skills. But looking around and digging our own resources can be magical and satisfying.
Seenappa Anna joined Aarohi four years back to help us with in making our kitchen with earthbag construction. He was working as a daily labor, but his spirits were very enterprising. At each step when we were stuck or we tried something new, he would bring his wisdom and ideas to move ahead. Later he connected with the community and has become our man Friday  - solving all our repair work with any material, any skills. He can work on any skill from plumbing, carpentry, painting construction, and even bamboo. He worked on making a dome structured only by seeing videos and understanding Bamboo. He does not know geometry but knows how to understand a Dome and nature of  hexagon structure. 
 Children are recognizing his skills and excited to work with him. His creative skill in making things is just amazing and inspiring. This week he mesmerized us with his magical skills - Removing insertion of metallic bent wire which is interlocked, Removing knots between ropes without opening ropes, Identify the stone that others think in mind,  Stone collection game. He showed his magical skills and threw different challenges to children in Jaatre. Children were involved in solving his challenges, trying hard,  thinking, doing, asking, playing. Inspired by his tricks.  Children took an appointment to learn games from Anna and included in their planning "learn from Anna"!