Maker's Fair

Visit to Maker Faire gave us the stimulation, experience, exposure of various fields all in one place for all ages. Maker soul came back excited, stimulated and inspired - just 3 hours of exposure stimulated us with the joy of experiencing innovations in makers space. Its is a gathering of curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do - from engineers to artists to scientists to crafters. (more details of the fare -
The purpose was not to produce many makers or suddenly kids start inventing. In fact, for few of them, the concept itself was very new, they have not even shown much interest in science or not have been inventing or creating in science. This was just one of the exposure to understand the world around us. Few kids played with the inventions, while some attended the workshops, some stayed in one stall for long while some visited all the stalls. Each one moved ahead in their own way and absorbed in their own style.