Lost Games

Lost GAMES …. they are called folk games also..they were part of our growing up. We did not realized that how they added to our growth. Simple games which we could play any place, using any kind of available material (stones, seeds, twigs, broken bangles). Challenging games to work on our body and mind. No training of fine motor skills, games had all this in inbuilt. No issue of sensory exposure, touch was part of all the games. Games allowed us to connect with nature without any boundries. Pull, push, kick, climb, swing...all challenges were part of the games. Games had songs and conversation in built. Skills building was part of these games. No coaching was required to develop life skills or problem solving. Decision making was part of these games. Making own tools allowed us to create, make and have sense of pride. Few games required patience, attention and time. We played them patiently. Each region had variation of the similar game, keeping our cultural identity alive and at the same time bringing diversity.

Savita Uday from Buddha Folklore, joined us to revive these lost games with young generation to spread joy.

Playing those games at Aarohi was reliving childhood for many of the adults while it was joy for the kids. We played games and played and pondered ‘where are those lost games?”.

Thank yo Savita for this beautiful day at Aarohi.