Logic Fun

Logic games with Satendra. Exploring coding, decoding, hacking, encryption, use of algorithm in coding all just by playing games, no computer screen.  Played Robot cards to understand how programming works.  Enjoyed and had fun when our robots went bonkers. And at the end music with free spirit was lively. 

Satendraa Shared 'Logicfun is just a name I penned for logic-based physical games that teach kids computer-science concepts (and critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving by extension) without using computing machines/ keyboards/ screens. Kids play physical games (moving their bodies, board-based games, writing on paper etc) and learn logical concepts without going into the technical details of their implementation. For example if they play the "secret agent" game they will learn the fundamentals of modern encryption-decryption algorithms without actually studying cryptoography. You (and the kids) can also refer to the following links for more games (and if they want to create their own after our workshop).