Life Skills

Some life skills ... like caring, compassion, passion, perseverance, responsibility, sense of humour, common sense, cooperation courage, curiosity, efforts, flexibility, friendship, initiative, Integrity, organisation ... the list can go on. 

Few of these we wish that our kids develop. Each one of has a different wish list. Whatever is the list we can start with INTRODUCING them to our kids in various forms. 

We made life skills posters, just like that. 
No occasion, no reason ... Amy from London loves making posters and we all joined her in making posters on the theme of 'life skills'. Each one of us chooses one skill, looked at some posters, added our own styles and just spend time with life skills. Some discussed the life skills, some discussed the creations, some admired their posters, some pondered why and we just experienced life skills in a different way.