Knowing Social Entrepreneurship

Headstream - a social NGO team was here. They conducted a small session for us. So the first logical question  was - What social organisations do?

To understand the session  Naveen began with involving us by asking questions "What are the problems in society?" Responses were "dirty places, health issues, public transport, water, environment, crime, etc."

We explored what are the causes and results of global warming - which was acted out by the head streams group. For each problem acted out children had to show solutions. Naveen shared, social organisation looks at the problems in organised way. He explained - social enterprise is a business for social cause.

To solve the problems we came up with the business plan like for cutting trees collect and sell seeds, make more products, termite removal service, farming wood giving trees, assemble bio gas in homes, recycling products and so on.  This was to share that we have the power to solve the social issues without sacrificing our own needs (money, life).  It's just a matter of mission. Shared about the works of ESAF and the island of Mishing community in Assam. Rice and fish, leaves are the main food. The legends says that theirbancestors were involved in making wall of China. 

He introduced us to the world of social entrepreneurship - courses, business ideas, various projects and so on.