Knowing our tools

Tools are very important part of our learning resources. They allow us to explore and make things and see the ‘real’ things happening.

At Aarohi we explore all kinds of tools - from saw to cut wood and Bamboo, spades and other digging tools, trimmer for electrical works - basically any  tool which any adult uses to do the work. our kids use them. We realized that it is not that the tools are dangerous for kids, but lack of awareness about how to use and maintain them leads to misuse or not using the tools.

One of the days we took all the tools out  - each one picked few and explored and later presented to the group sharing the usage, what not to use and how to maintain them.

When kids are familiar with tools, it's easy for them to use them while they make and create - this helps them to transfer their dreams of making things in reality - highly recommend each home to be filled with very basic tools like hand drill, multimeter, digging tools, cutter, pliers, hammer and more importantly accessible to kids.