Knowing Democracy

Democracy cannot be learnt, it can be experienced. Our most aspirational endeavour - to create and keep Aarohi as a democratic space. We are experimenting with many form of interactions, communications, interventions and systems - all targeted to make the community truly interdependent - with co-creation, co-learning and co-existence as key parameters
MY VOICE - A platform to raise one's voice for any aspect of working of Aarohi. Each system needs questioning, changes and re looking at its working.  A true democracy needs participation of people bringing their voices to the forum. Most of the time discomfort voice is limited to cribbing or wishing for the change to happen on its own. 
Well, this time my voice on "Train snacks more than rs 10/-"
Views expressed "hunger, variety, self responsibility of budget, inequality, community, parents concern, concerns of adult accompanying the travel, intoxicating smell of Samosa and tea in train....".
The proposal "Keeping in mind the needs of various hunger needs, we propose that train snacks (coming and going) are individual choices and budget decided by self. Each family to have their own understanding on how much the child can spend on snacks". Most agreed, some agreed with "will live with it". The one who agreed with "live with it", have the opportunity to raise again when it becomes difficult, and the one who agreed also has the responsibility of understanding the freedom and associate responsibility else the freedom will again be questioned in the my voice. And its an unending story!
Another voice "mp3 player allowed in train".
Views expressed "the need of music, safety of gadgets and kids, distraction, loosing track of space, disturbing co-passengers, safety of bigger group".
The Proposal - "Due to non satisfactory solution to the safety issue, the rule (We call it code) reason same "no gadgets while travelling in the train".
HELPMATES - a system where we take help of community to resolve our social issues. We all agree that we all have some or other habit / actions / behaviour which can be annoying to others or even frustrating and stressful. Helpmates brings one of the opportunity to express to the community. 
Two kids complainant for each other "hitting, using inappropriate words, bullying each other, playing pranks, hitting each other...".
The community participated and asked questions to them to clarify. The clarification and expression brought an opportunity to understand "they realized that both are harming each other, both are also good friends, both are covering each other and not bringing norray in thought club". 
We then explored "what are the needs of both them behind these behaviours".
Some felt the need of inclusion as most kids were accusing each other for their behaviour (some feel one is bossy while other is dirty).
Some felt that the need of power, 
Some felt the need of appreciation, and suggested to work and get inner self appreciation
Some felt the need of fun and suggested them to find fun in doing
Some felt the need of excessive energy and suggested them to play sports to take out that energy positively
None needed to commit "We play with them so they feel inclusive".
None needed to give them punishment to behave properly

TEAM VOICE  – A space and opportunity to understand the working of various teams and take decisions collectively. This week the teams shared teams facing various issues and needed community’s  understanding and participation.
Kitchen team announced “Understand the waste and put in appropriate dustbin”. Suggestion to them”make a list of waste for each dustbins for better understanding”. We have eight dustbins in kitchen for our needs of bio gas and make bio enzyme, it is very common to get confused between dry and soft waste.
Campus team announced “refill buckets and maintain harmony in the community”.
Resource team announced “Resources are found all over the place including notes books, stationery, tools, yoga mats, jackets, sports equipments, library books, pillows, laptops….and its takes a lot of time in campus care to keep them back in place. Now onwards If we find any resource unattended it will be confiscated and will be returned after a commitment”.

Well,this announcement was juicy to create response and objections in the community. But this also created an understanding on the role of resource team during campus care and most importantly “how does one live in a community with harmony accepting each other”? We all miss our marks, not 100% perfect to keep everything in place – why does that need confiscation and a commitment? Can one not live with imperfection? The community thumbs down this proposal and asked the resource team to rethink, till then we all live happily live together with each other’s imperfections!