Know Neighbourhood

Where does our food comes from?
Where does our resources comes from?
Where does our tools comes from?

We went out into the neighbourhood, seeking information about the market and suppliers - visited bakery, vegetable market hardware shops, utensil market, grocery shop, petrol pump...the visit included knowing about them, knowing the route to those shops, being there, interacting, buying, negotiating, understanding rates and exploring "where does our supplies comes from".

There were mixed responses - sunny, hard, difficult to talk exciting, connecting, knowing and undesrstanding.

One question "can a campus teach?" led to the constraint that "we will source our resources within 20kms of our our campus" - our 99% of the needs are met within 20kms around the campus. This led to making relationship with our neighbourhood. And the constraint led to trying recipes within available raw food - Ragi and Avarkai became very much part of our menu, cold press oil is easily available, soapnut is part of our cleansing items, rusk from local bakery has replaced most of the packaged biscuits, mixture takes care of our spicy needs, rocket oven baked cakes have become natural part of our celebrations, chutney podi made in the campus brings spices to our food, local leaves add value to our nutrition in our menu, ropes and clamps are so much part of our doing, pipes and nails are used with ease and social Sunday sante (veg market) is very much part of our life at the campus.