Khoji's from Swaraj

Every person visiting the campus bring fresh energy and many learning opportunities for the community. Two Khoji's from Swaraj were no different in adding value to our ecosystem of learning. 

Stanzin, brought a lot of harmony with his attitude for work and living in the community. He adapted to our culture within a day and was part of us. He worked with enthusiasm and joy on various project. Children loved working with on nay project. He worked on making a roof of a shelter, taught us how to cut bottles, inspired us to repair our cycles, mesmerized with his cooking skills and connected with kids of all ages. He introduced Ladhaki music. 

Isha brought a different aspect of child abuse, child safety, understanding puberty, internet safety and many community games. She connected with kids and was part of them and their interest. She would spend hours searching for flowers with a child who is interested in wildflowers, she would spend time in making presentation on internet safety, she would take part in cooking, campus work and various other sessions, She took interest and introduced new tools for thought club like world cafe and the concept of yes and no. She became part of our community with her participation and understanding.