Just a week - Winter Camp

Each child is unique, so the learning.  Imagine a learning community for children (and adults) where there is no curriculum - because we believe that children can decide what they want to learn, how much they want to learn. So children effectively choose what they want to do or learn from whatever is worth doing or learning in this world.

Some of the action during the week - Maths games exploring Fractions and geometry, Making toothbrush stand with Bamboo with Mani, making tent and exploring structures, working on gift factory to make gift exploring embroidery and stitching along with crochet, night sky, and telescope, being with self, learning about fitness from others, learning to repair cycle, baking, cooking, salad making, cleaning toilets and brooming the floors, watering the plants and clearing pathways, singing Carols and exploring music, thinking and pondering through drama about 'freedom and responsibility' practice, reflecting and assessing self using drawings and creating own questions, working and learning about Bio gas, working on paper cutting in various forms, reading books, working on Grammer, working maths textbooks to understand angles and geometry, making opinion tower and experimenting with self-watering system for plants, going on solo rock climbing, understanding about snakes and myths, rescuing a snake and relaxing back in wilderness, making presentation on safety, guiding guest and making arrangements, mentoring all ages to plan their day, working in various teams to contribute in campus working, exploring clay and Bamboo, demonstrating science experiments, understanding Mandala designs and creating own designs, knowing about food and fitness, catching up playing sports, catching up with various people and making friends, playing video games, watching sky to trace those constellations, planning and preparing rock climbing for the group of 20 people, exploring various systems at campus and at the end documenting the whole week and reflecting.