Just Call Kelmangalam

We can search anything with a click on google maps, but we can not find human interaction with a click. for that, we need to reach out and connect.

Just dial Kelmanagalm was organized to connect with out the neighborhood. We divided ourselves into various teams, Each time reaches out to various people who support us in our sustenance at the campus - where does the grocery come from? Who is at the bakery shop? Where do we get the welding done? WHo sells carpentry tools and paints? Where are fruit and vegetable market? How far is the nearest shop? What all we can get in case of emergency.

All the distances were measured in step. Our nearest shop where we can get curd and coffee is measured 300 steps from the campus.

This was not all, the compilation of data collected by different called for coordination among the various teams. Various forms of compilations were chosen - presentations, booklets, posters, spreadsheet, picture map are some of the forms we collected the information.

Just one day of the expedition brought us so close to our neighborhood that kids at the campus are no more inhabitation to go for shopping even alone or on cycle or walking. They look forward indeed!