Genie Inside me

Reshma, she started her journey with Aarohi to assist her mother in cleaning and washing. Seeing her age, we offered her assisting in facilitation in govt schools rather than working on washing and cleaning, She refused, she expressed she only want to do this work. Slowly she started getting involved in managing the kitchen.


We needed a kitchen manager, she expressed her willingness to take up this job. Her new journey started...she started working on reading and writing, putting effort to understand ingredients in English, understanding quantities and needs of different people in the community. She started coordinating all the purchases and understand the time management.


She is on her journey, she just needed some time to bloom. Every time she does not like something, she comes with ‘I don't want to do this work’. We listen to her, she listens to us and goes back with a smile of understanding, our relationship continues with her learning and our learning mutually.