Forest fire and Learning

Aarohi campus is situated in foothills, that allows us to have panoramic view as well as bring the challenges of forest fire. This year like any other year month of March was hot and had possibility of forest fire. This time we started our preparation a month in advance to understand. After doing many surveys and meeting people we concluded to create fire lines or fire corridors - via controlled fire.

Some of the kids who saw forest fire last year were excited to douse it since they knew what it entails, some who have been only listening about it showed a bit of apprehension but wanted to be part of the operation. Some were completely bindaas.


Well, when the first fire line started, some panicked and forgot to use tools :)

They started again and this time watched fire and its power. We realized we cannot fight fire, we needed to use our tools intelligently. The best tool, was tree branch (moist leaves), it works wonders.

Yet another learning, yet another realization of life. All along we grew up with fear of fire, now we are growing with knowing about fire. It makes a lot of difference when we understand something!