FItness is way of life

Most of us are healthy (no major disease) but are we all fit? Can we run 5kms, can we do regularly do push ups?, can we bend forward?….health, fitness, exercise, food consciousness are left to extra curricular activities in our education. We rarely bring the aspect of fitness as equally important part of living life. Session with Praveen at Aarohi on fitness was an eye opener.

Some of us have made images about self that ‘being active in the night and getting up late is 'my' natural body cycle’’. We discussed in detail that how we have trained our body to believe and then we follow that. Some of us tell ‘I am too lazy to do that’ and continue to accept ourselves in that image. We discussed how we can work for ourselves and how ‘fitness’ can help in active brain, how disturbed sleep affects our brain.

Praveen expressed that let your bed be the sleeping place, and do other activities in different places like play video games or watch movies. Go to bed only to sleep - you will get good sleep. Leading to this kids shared how they earlier used to not get sleep (tipsy and topsy in bed for 2-3 hours), but now how they get within few minutes. It was nice to know kids struggles also (I though only adults have sleeping disorders). It was interesting to know some of the myths kids carry, one of them was ‘thin child means weak child’.

Praveen shared ‘EXPERIMENT’ with consciousness and awareness to understand your own beliefs and your body.

We began our journey of fitness at Aarohi with regular sports. Initially it was difficult for adults at campus to be regular with sports and surprisingly sometimes had to push kids to go had for regular sports.   - soon we started enjoying being with all and playing different kinds of sports from Football to Kabbadi. As we settled with our regular sports, we began with running club in the morning. Began with some resistance, some joy, some excitement...we have also started re-looking and questioning our food.

While we were exploring different exercises, we realized that tree climbing is another way of exercising and fun too :).

And to fuel our journey, Praveen joined us to share about fitness. Thank you Praveen for joining us.

Praveen is a fitness expert and runs his own fitness organisation in JP Nagar, Bangalore. Reach out to him on his facebook 'trihedron'.