Feedback to grow

Feedback is evolving as an interesting process at Aarohi. It brings the comfort that we don't have to be perfect and we can also change. Feedback adds value to our growth.

Feedback on facilitation, parent involvement, and codes.



What facilitation works - Guidance, mutual openness, fun, serious, lectures, discussions, understanding a point of view,  push, right direction, motivation, positive, in conflict listen both point of view, ideas, emergency meeting to resolve on the spot.

What facilitation doesn't work - Debating, arguing, lecture, pushing, time pressure.

Suggestion for facilitation - Interact leisure time, be cool, be serious, be a detective, alert in emergency situations, talk about a person in secrecy.



What works in parent involvement - Understanding, motivation by sharing, share expertise, introduce new concepts, cooperation, food,  sharing with us, interaction.

What does not works in parent involvement - only my child, sit idle, observe and interfere only own child. 

Suggestion  for involvement - Involve in parent communication, don't do parent communication for your child, when at campus take part in all the sessions, come to campus and add value in our interest, all parents to come for Manthan, post resources on Google community to add value, take part in campus development, donation, take Jatre of your profession, stay minimum 3-4 days at campus, bring resource people, follow Aarohi codes, post feedback, conduct sessions, do project for campus, plan, jatre compulsory at campus, take part in Google community by posting comments and resources



What works with codes - Helps in safety, time management, self-discipline, comfortable, clarity, consistency, adult supervision, written announcements, safety holes, age restriction, if no codes than chaos, express not gossip, gadget code, handling with care.

What does not works with codes - Not understanding, food waste, if too many rules.

Suggestions for codes - Guest orientation for mobile usage, food nutrition compulsory, one code of the week, no code for a week.