Dream of learning Community

There is mathematics in each leaf I collect,
There is science in each drum beat I play,
There is music in each word I read,
There is geography in each time it rains,
There is history in each time I watch a video,
There is learning all around us. 
We often do not talk maths, we do not wonder science, we do not talk music, we do not eat weather, we do not ponder about self.
To bring learning in many different forms as we live and to experience through different mediums we bring different exposures - Midweek magic to experience science through pondering, Meaningful conversation to experience groups study and explore untouched topics like Weather and Government, Co-operative quiz to touch so called boring and difficult topics like world war one or communication, Aarohi Ki Dukan to experience application of maths in life. 
As we deal more with these learning opportunities we discover that kids like that, they feel achieved when they started understanding and talking more about various topics.  
I have dream of joy
A Dream of all children enjoying their learning process, enjoying their jobs, enjoying their life.
I have a dream; a small dream.
A dream which values each small dream and deed, like the sun not just shines over the ocean it also shines through the tiny drop hanging on a leaf end.
I have a dream; a simple dream.
That children and people be allowed to see their own dreams, not buy ambition sold in well packaged supermarkets.
I have a dream; a wrong dream.
That beyond the world of right and wrong, let each wing soar its own flight, without any fright.
I have a dream.
(This was inspired by Martin Luther’s fampus speech of ‘I have a dream’).