A day of Handloom

Experience in Handlooms:
Silk thread Silk thread where do you come from?
I come from the sacrifice of life of silkworms
Pulled and Yarned and Made into bundles..
Silk thread bundle says  roll me into bobbins without knots
Thread says i am  colourful, silky, shiny.
Machine calls thread  to form pattern “X,V, and I”  knotted into needles,.
Electrical power says i am energy for you to make you run chuck, chuck, chuck.
Weaver says thread , i am your driver to make you weave into patterns,
We all together weave a colourful saree in 2 days.
Saree Saree where do you go?
I go to markets of different parts of India .
I make Ladies  look pretty and cool.