A day with Craftsmen - Visit to Craft Centre

Enthusiastic Artist, face to face interaction and  demonstration.  Some hungry kids to learn from the artist, some tired, some mesmerized, some inspired to practice more….that was the outdoor of today.

Handicrafts is an art, Handicraft to handwriting…all is craft. Handmade is unique. Meeting artist at Craft Center in Bangalore brought us closer to the craft and their uniqueness. Each craft is unique and what makes it even mesmerizing is the passion of an artist – during the visit we met various artist who are keeping the various crafts alive. Their skills as well as their enthusiasm to share added a lot more value to our visit.

Some came back inspired some came back with joy!

Thank you is not sufficient for the efforts and silent background work done for this trip (exposure) by Lakshmi (parent), Leela (facilitator), Twesha(child) and Uncle (Grandfather). Thank you for this wonderful exposure. And being there whole day to ensure we get maximum from our trip. Thank you Uncle for being at the institute the entire day.

Imagine, Aarohi, a leanring community where we all work together to bring learning exposures for our kids ""It takes a village to raise a child is a proverb which means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting with children in order for children to experience and grow in a safe environment. (Ref - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_takes_a_village)