Culture Exchange

People are source of learning, Often people ask us “what will I be value to your children at Aarohi, I know nothing to teach” and invariably we say “We believe each individual is a wonderful story and our children would benefit by getting exposed to your story. Aarohi is a learning space where there is no curriculum, no teaching, no classes. We simply learn from whomsoever we can”.

Each visitor at campus is source of learning for us. And one of the good part is that we do not have to make it very formal...we just live together and learning follows us.

Last week we had a family from Germany at campus. We lived together, cooked together, and played together. We exchanged language, culture and thoughts - cooking chapati, playing UNO, music in the night, magic were some of the highlight of our stay together. It was enriching to meet people of different culture and live with them.