Baking Festival

Its interetsing to work with different food needs. During millet festival, we removed rice compleletley from our dinner - all ate Millets but some wished for rice. During Green Paratha festival we kept rice along with paratha (made with greens Ragi flour and wheat flour). For some Ragi flour was deterent while for some need of rice was more important. We tried with serving hot parathas.  After failure of Green Paratha festival last week, next week Baking festival with Anna from London and Anais from France.

We baked and cooked for four days - Explored different cuisines...realized we have many things in common, it's just changes its name a bit of forms in different cultures. Anna from London and Anias from France both worked tirelessly in our kitchen to create baking festival.

When they started planning for the baking festival, they asked for Zucchini and Parsley etc. When we shared about our ‘go local’ concept - they ventured to visit local Sunday vegetable market (sante), picked up a whole lot of vegetables and baked with what was available. They experimented with Sambhar masala in the soup and ridge gourd in baking.

Baking festival began with... Baked pasta and Apple pie. We went on each day making two dishes in the oven.  Some recipes were new for us, some dishes we have eaten but never tried making by self. But the most amazing was their spirit to work. Anna and Anisa...both worked with fire wood oven for first time. They were amazing with cooking so much quantity...very resourceful, making with whatever available. Working on baking was an experience to deliver with perfection. Anna wanted each slice of topping to be perfect, spreading in a particular manner and she was quick to reject any imperfection. All kids who worked with her soon understood the need and pushed self to deliver to perfection. Few kids joined with commitment to observing, writing recipe, participating and cleaning at the end.