Afforestation - Seedballs

Fridays are special at Aarohi  - sometimes visiting places, sometimes working together, sometimes watching movies !

This Friday we no different - we together went for Afforestation. Its easy in principal to say "save forest, grow more tress....". But in practice it needs efforts and participation. Active We this Friday brought all of us together to plant more seeds with seedball technique.
We needed to understand what is seedball method of growing trees? Why dry cow dung? Why to soak seeds in hot water? Why balls? What kind of trees? What seeds? 
Some reactions on dry cow dung "unhygienic, dirty, shit".
Some reactions on mixing clay and cow dung "shitty, dirty, unhygienic".
Well, some started with enthusiasm 
We mixed and mixed
We made balls
We sang songs
We put seeds
We carried balls to the hills
We ate buns and salad to quench our hunger
We jumped around on rocks
We rolled the seeds "in a bush or under a rock" to protect from grazing or smashing
Ah! it was a beautiful day!
We did it together! and that is what active WE is all about.