Accelerator and Brake

In our path of self directed learning process, some of our actions acts as BRAKES, while some actions as ACCELERATOR. As a group we reflected on these two:

  • BRAKES - Overconfidence, auto pilot, not open to take feedback, procrastination, laziness, Demotivated, distraction, anger, lack of interest, not taking feedback, not doing, not accepting, lack of resources, wrong environment and resistance.

  • Accelerators  - Open for feedback, willing to think, work with constraints, early failure, open to take challenges, Emotional balance, self motivation, interest, need, resources, technology, exposure, passion, observe others, learn from others, open minded, be in moment, involvement, rigour, peaceful, excited, focus, self thinking, self discipline, review and reflection, consciousness, achievements, success, courage, fun, planning and listening.

This week we reflected on our own break and accelerators using three criteria  -

  1. What were your Accelerator/s and Brake/s during this week in any task (we discussed about accelerators and brakes in Manthan) - Identify them. You can judge/identify your brake in each task and also identify is there a pattern ?

  2. Choose any one Accelerator (A) and one Brake (B) to work on and share WHY you want to work on that.

  3. HOW do you want to work on A and B? Plan strategies for the same.

One of the child shared - In quiz club my accelerators were fun, discipline, listening, willing to do and think, motivation and team work. My brake was less confidence. In accounts my accelerators were willing, open for feedback, interest, focus, fun and want to finish. My brakes were distraction, over thinking and wandering off in my own thoughts in my mind. In kaa documentation my accelerators were interest, involvement, willing, my liking and my wanting. Brakes were distracting, lazy, over confidence and fast typing. In Garuda mall meeting my accelerators were enunciate, courage, interest, involvement, wanting and willing. My brake was i was not on time. In sunshine my accelerators were passion, willing, desire, fun, involvement, need, interest and focus. My brakes were tired unwilling, sour body, over thinking and chit chat. In active me my accelerators were interest, involvement, willing, want and team work. The brakes were non cooperation, not wanting, chit chat and distraction. In planning my accelerators were wanting, need, involvement, interest, focus and fun. My brake was time waste. While re planning cat by accelerators were exposure, deadline, wanting, willing and interest. My brakes were over confident, time waste and thinking too much. While reading my accelerators were interest, curiosity, want, need and it was intriguing. My brakes were incorrect place, distraction and chit chat. In rocket stove session my accelerators were taking notes, interest and need. My brakes were urge to kill fruit flies, distraction and thinking about something else. In campus care my accelerators were willing, exploring new things, efficiency, involvement and want to finish. My brakes were disgust, not wanting, taking short cuts and not doing it properly. In sports my accelerators were want, interest, passion, and well planning by conductor. My brakes were distraction and not playing with my best performance. In music jam my accelerators were openness, interest, curiosity and want. My brakes were not interested, distraction and laziness. In thought club my accelerators were want, need, thinking, self realisation, teamwork, interest and self decision. My brake was time management.

What, Why And How - The accelerator i'm working on is deadline. I'm working on it because i think i may perform better when j have a deadline. This is partly also a experiment on myself. I'm working on it by giving a deadline to everything I'm doing in planning and reviewing the previous day in planning as well.

The brake I'm working on is distraction - Why because when I'm distracted it's usually for a long period of time and in that period my work does not get done. I'm doing  that by choosing a place where i will not get distracted and trying to be aware.