Tag: Empowerment

  • Soiled by Adjectives

    A verb implies action thus adds to the experience of a doer. An adjective implies perception. it may or may not be right. Create a limitless living of experience or create a prison of adjectives – Decide.

  • Kids follow parents?

    Parents are not the only influencers in child’s life. They are a part of child’s surroundings. Shall we pay attention to “Will child follow me” or shall we facilitate an environment of exploration.

  • The Myth of (bad) Habits

    Each habit serve some purpose. Good or bad habits are relative perceptions. More often parents and children lock horn on habits because of this relative perception. Let’s question some of our beliefs around bad habit and burst the myth around bad habits.

  • Thumb Sucking or Resourcefulness

    Some of the habits (in the form of physical actions) serves the purpose of anchoring. These actions help us to calm down in troubled waters. Children are no different. Thumb sucking is one such habit.

  • Purpose of Education

    We hear this about this fear “I am scared of children (who are in the alternate system) feeling they are superior to others …. “ We feel scared only when we are expecting a result in binary(0/1). Expectation feeds fear. Is education supposed to deliver on predefined outcomes like grades, 1st division etc.? If its…

  • An open letter to Teachers

    Teachers impact children’s life to a great extent. Does teaching happens from textbooks or from books of life. In that case are we all not the student in class of life? Let’s all the life in the same room of class.

  • Freedom to Grow

    We cage ourselves in various images created by others. We believe those images are our identities. Do we comprise of few images for the life time or we become what we do. Doing brings freedom to grow.

  • To Know or To Understand

    Knowing is mechanical. The result is out there once you know. But Understanding is a journey. More you flow, the more you will connect with and more the relationship will deepen. Soe of us know a lot. Some of us constantly yearn to understand the child.

  • A map of Habits of mind

    A great deal of success depends on Habits of mind not on the academics alone. Explore various Habits of mind. Experience each day living with one habit and see how it impacts you and child.

  • The Love Story of Values and Rules

    Rules and Values have their love story to share. They are inseparable. Let’s all interpret this love story individually. Rules do not limit us, they actually let us spend time to focus on things that we really value.

  • Schools that Train Themselves

    Why schools are mechanical places of mundane activities conducted broadly by staff and teachers. It can be a buzzing learning habitat for everyone who is associated with school in smallest possible way. Such collaboration will lead to wider learnings for everyone.

  • Raising Wealthy Children

    Brain is a lazy slave. Create habit of mind to produce more than consumption and earn a rich learning.

  • HEROism

    Outside the silver screen Hero comes in every form, size and shape because a little hero exist inside all of us. Focus your camera to make life as a heroic act of living.

  • 10 Mistakes in Education

    Do our schools really impart an education which will create an individual or they believe in herd mentality. Also as parent what are our beliefs about education. Here we question some beliefs.

  • Learning from the humble ‘DIYA’

    Have we qualified to be a parent? Well it is a life skill. Like any other life skill one needs to keep on unlearning and relearning the parenting. Learn the art of understanding and enlighten your child’s life like a Diya.

  • Operating manual of your child

    Children are not the product which can be operated with the help of a manual. Yet children expect us to deal with them in a specific. Let’s explore what parenting manual will children give us.

  • Unlearning Time

    How about scoring some marks to unlearn all the rules of parenting or teaching? Shed all such beliefs and experience the magic of child weaving his or her own life.

  • Sex education beyond physical act

    Almost every household uses a code name for body parts which are covered. Body parts and sex education are not seen together. Once we break our own barriers around sex education we can enrich child with this important knowledge.

  • The Learning Journey of Child abuse

    Adults play an active role in educating child about sexual abuses. Instead of shying away, sensitize and empower them. Be part of this education which will protect children from such abuses.

  • Lovely Labels, Lousy Labels

    Our thoughts create our realities. Labels work same way. Have lousy thoughts, think lousy labels and create lousy children. Have lovely thoughts, think lovely labels and create magic. Choice is yours.

  • Five Values

    Values should guide us to grow as a person. They should not be taught to be more socially acceptable. Bigger question is can we really teach values? If at all we can teach values then what would they be?

  • Locus of control

    Mostly we grow and bring up our children with a notion that “We and our behavior are the outcome of our environment (people and circumstances). Pause and reflect what it would be to have the locus of control inside you not outside you

  • In Praise of Praise

    Praise is like anger – done at right time, in right amount and for right reasons create wonder. Shallow praise leaves a bitter taste. Be real “Praising – Worthy”

  • Can we teach Values? Some Myths

    Our action and child’s experience set a child to form an opinion of good and bad. Let’s empower the children to define their values for themselves based on their times.

  • Hitting

    Managing behavior does not solve the root cause. Hitting may be helping child to fulfill some need. Understand it and guide them to explore more pathways.

  • Teasing

    Every emotions serves some needs. Teasing is no different. Empower children to understand it from problem solving perspective. Help them to explore various solutions.

  • Role Reversal

    Why we say “I will teach this to my child”. Why don’t we say “I will learn this from my child”. The changed mental state will create many interesting pattern to experience the child from a different lens.

  • The Myth of Patience

    We as parents carry the legacy many traits in the name of virtues (or virtual quality 😉 and expect the child to follow the same. Patience is no different. Does patience depends on our expectations from people or situations?

  • Create a self-directed learning environment

    Self-Directed learning provides a deep understanding of self. This connection with helps to live the life of a direction. Can we provide such environment to children which foster self directed learning?

  • I am not your DREAM GIRL

    We have high expectation from the words like “Parenting”, childhood. We take them too seriously and it is biggest killjoy of relationship. Instead of dreaming about dream child can we see the dreams which child sees.