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  • Can a campus teach?

    Can a campus teach?

    In the spirit of  Open campus the campus development in itself has been (and continues to be) a huge learning opportunity for us. Children, parents, local people, various experts from different fields (architecture, design, construction, rain water harvesting etc) all are involved in collectively creating a campus that itself teaches. Making of the campus began with a thought,…

  • Story of  Generosity – Making of campus

    Story of Generosity – Making of campus

    Making of Aarohi campus is not complete without talking about Deb Uncle and many other well wishers who contributed to make this campus happen.The campus is created with crowd funding – started with land and the story of generosity Aarohi started in June 2009 in Geniekids Indiranagar center, Bangalore. One year after starting, we realized…