Curious Minds

Curiosity is an integral part of learning. The learner can explore much more with an unending curiosity than the one whose curiosity is satiated by some standard answers. Keep curiosity alive and keep exploring.

Curious minds are questioning and questioning constantly – why does this happens, why this does not happen? Who started this? Why does this happen in this way? How do you do that? But does that means the curious minds are constantly seeking answers also? What happens when a curious mind gets a ready-made answer? The chances are curious minds are now satisfied. What if the answers are constantly coming from other sources. Chances are that curious minds will stop thinking assuming it’s not their job. But what happens when curiosity is kept alive?

One child at Aarohi got interested in AC and DC currents. His first curiosity came when he started questioning ‘why do we have AC and DC plugs at the campus? He likes asking questions :).

He was asked to Explore and Find more.

He would churn inside his mind, make his own theory but not get anywhere.He was suggested to take a session on AC and DC! He started now reading more the topic. For the first session, he mugged up some definitions of AC (alternate current) and DC (direct current). The session super flopped as he was bombarded with many questions from other curious minds. The failure was another source for him to be more curious. He started searching for answers to his own questions – realized that he needs to know more about what is current and voltage. Now he started asking questions about current and voltage. One of the guests visiting Aarohi, who works on our solar electrical system, chit chatted with him to make him more curious and confused. He started exploring what all in this world works on AC and DC? He traveled and in the train he wondered is it AC or DC?

Well, his journey continues…

So next time when a child comes to you ‘how do you that? Or how does this happens? Ask simple questions “what do YOU think how does this happen?” I have done with this with a number of children and every time I have been pleasantly surprised.

Watch this video to see what Pranav knows about his curiosity?