Join CoVersity for One Year | Deeply Exploring Your Interests

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I start with 1 Year Commitment to discover my interests

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I start my CoVersity Journey by committing to my interest, living it everyday like a profession – doing relevant industry work through client-based projects, competitions, challenges, internships, apprenticeships and constantly learning and upgrading your skills etc.
Within a year, I am able to deeply explore 1-3 interests. I also have the flexibility of switching interests after doing enough industry work in your chosen domain.
After the first year, you can continue to be part of CoVersity till you are ready to take your professional leap.

I deeply explore my interests at Aarohi Campus

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teens building professional skills

I get a lot of support from my peers

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I took a break after 10th/12th

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I do internships to gain experience and exposure

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My Parents are my guides on this journey

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We have become enterprising and industry-savvy

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CoVersity is currently for teenagers 13 – 21 years

If your ages is less than 13 years – consider doing open learning at Aarohi Campus or from your home with Aarohi community. This could be a rewarding precursor to your CoVersity Journey. See Aarohi-Community

If you’re slightly more than 21years old – and keen on CoVersity – get in touch and we can include you if we think you are a good fit for the same after understanding your journey till now.

You can start your CoVersity Journey at
Aarohi Campus, any time of the Year.

You can join Aarohi CoVersity at any part of the year. You start by getting into Open Learning mode where you design your learning and get into intense exploration with the support of facilitators. Once you have found your rhythm, you begin the CoVersity journey by joining the cohort .

You, along with your cohort buddies come and stay at the Aarohi campus. You start by Co-Creating your roadmaps, laying out what all you would like to do, and detail out your action plan.
Together, you also co-create cohort working guidelines, schedules, processes like tracking, reflection daily and weekly, tools, etc.
You also decide on your guide interactions and the kind of support you need from them.

Financial Contribution is on per year basis

Aarohi is a trust and not-for-profit with the sole objective of supporting child-led learning. It works on contribution by various families to cover the costs of its working – especially to cover the cost of families and children who cannot afford learning opportunities and resources. This is why the contribution is indicated in the form of a sliding scale.

CoVersity contribution for one youth would be in the sliding scale of ₹1.7L to ₹2.12L for one year. With this contribution, while the youth start their CoVersity journey at Aarohi Campus, the rest of the family becomes part of online community including siblings, parents, (even grandparents).

If two children from the family are joining, it would in the sliding scale of ₹2.5L to ₹3.0L. The second child could be joining CoVersity or Aarohi open learning at campus for children under 13 years. see this link to know about aarohi community for younger children

All basic expenses incurred for campus stay, food, facilitation and overall community maintenance is included in the contribution. You are required to pay the entire amount at the start since it legitimizes your commitment and also, helps us manage finances better.

Being an inclusive community, we strongly believe finance should never be a hindering factor for anyone. So If any family has severe financial constraints, they can discuss with the finance team at the time of joining. Aarohi wants all families to be able to be part of the Aarohi community and CoVersity irrespective of their financial position.

Joining FAQs

If you’re 13-21 years old and ready to commit for yourself to work towards your chosen domain.

No, not really – since CoVersity is a deep dive – so you’re fully committing yourself to do intense work in the your domain – which will take away all your time.
Our invitation is to step back – experience this kind of journey for at least a year and then if you want to back to school or college or job – you’re most welcome

Firstly, atleast One year is required for you to experience your domains/ interests deeply with enough industry exposure.
Secondly, your deep work in this one year duration helps you to develop core self skills and empowers you to build your professional journey in future.

Your commitment to deep dive into your passion and grow professionally is the main criteria to join CoVersity. Otherwise, your marks, degrees, certificates, location, socio economic background don’t matter. You could have been a schooler, unschooler, home schooler, open learner – everyone is welcome.

Yes definitely. 10th or 12th boards are irrelevant to joining CoVersity. However, this journey is intense requiring serious commitment.

Joining Process

  1. Attend multiple meet-ups (both parents and the youth should attend) to understand CoVersity journey and its working in detail.
  2. Experience CoVersity for a week by staying at the campus, interacting with other CoVersity members and most importantly by doing some challenging work in the field of your interest. . The stay also gives a chance for the family to connect with the Aarohi Community as well as experience open learning at the campus.
  3. Start by asking the link to join online meet-ups via a WhatsApp to 72040-66694