coversity team cohort


Youth 13-21 Years Old

We Lead Ourselves
Discovering Passions
Developing Professionally

Aarohi Life Education Trust
Estd 2008

CoVersity Journey
No curriculum, No teachers, No exams, No entry barriers, No fixed duration;

You focus on industry projects, internships etc. with industry experts & mentors, in your domain.

You start with one year commitment
End when you reach your professional goals.

Hari Job employment

CoVersity is an
Professional Journey
outside the conventional


At CoVersity,
deep dive in
one or many
domains to

what is truly
exciting for you

engage in
real industry work,
like we do
to develop expertise and grow professionally

We work
closely as a cohort, supported by
Mentors and
Aarohi Community

Choose CoVersity Journey if you like

Community Co-Learning: from past, into future

Just like nature, where interdependence is the rule
Just like youtube, where open sharing is the norm
Just like AI, where co-creation is the ​driving force
Aarohi​, a community​ where everybody gives, everybody gets  

Where ​each one is walking ​one's own path
​While supporting, guiding, ​mentoring and providing​
Where each ​is empowered ​to drive their learning and aspirations
​While ​belonging​, caring, and collaborating ​in togetherness as a community

Excited to dive into CoVersity?