Jagriti - Training for Parents / Teachers

Parenting or teaching is NOT about some tricks or techniques or strategies

  • it is about deeply understanding the child and his or her learning and development
  • it is about providing a relationship that would enable the child to blossom into the unique human that he or she is
  • it is not about child's future, but about the joy we all have in the years we live together

Jagriti, a workshop of 11 sessions, is an intense and mind exploding journey into oneself.
To get a flavour of Jagriti - may we invite you to take this small parenting QUIZ

While what you know and have been doing as a parent is correct, there are atleast 50 more ways of seeing the same thing. When we open up our windows, we get to see new vistas. Automatically, these new perspectives lead us to respond to and work with our child in different and perhaps much more effective ways.The child, at the end, is a huge beneficiary.
That we start enjoying our working with the child is a nice side benefit.

Jagriti is a short 11 session program - conducted twice a week, late evening (8pm to 11pm). So a batch typically takes about 6 weeks. Since it is online - you can attend this from anywhere in the world. See schedule for upcoming batches.

Before you see the details (links below or on left menu bar) do see two videos of participants who have done Jagriti before and an introduction to Jagriti: