(Spot the INTERN in the above picture Cool )

Aarohi is open for Internship 

You may want to intern at Aarohi to understand open learning deeply and the role of facilitator / mentor. Age is not a consideration. 

For you to intern at Aarohi – two prerequisites:
One, you should have done Jagriti program – see Jagriti page
Two, you should visit the campus for one week before applying for an internship – see  stay page

(For this one week stay you contribute financially)

After the one week stay, if you are interested and ready, you can ask for an internship at Aarohi for a term.
A term starts after a break week and ends at the break week (typically 4-5 weeks). Check the term dates in the calendar – see calendar

We typically take one intern at a time – so check with us about the availability. Interns take responsibility of multiple kinds in working, learning and living at campus (for which you will get some idea during your stay visit). 

More details regarding the kind of expectations from you will be communicated to you after your week’s stay. Any which way, expect intense weekdays – Monday to Friday – with loads of action.
Weekends are off days – self days. You can choose to travel to nearby cities – to visit your home or friends / relatives or visit Aarohi community families or do some tourism. If you choose to stay at campus, then apart from contributing in the campus working, you would have your “self” time.

During internship your stay and food is taken care of by Aarohi.

This is what Shrilekha, a 23yrs old intern at Aarohi had to share (find her in the above picture): 

“I’m Shrilekha. I’m being an intern in Aarohi for about one month.

I usually believe that we learn something by doing it. But little bit I knew was we even learn facilitation by doing it.

In Aarohi, I had the first hand experience of being a facilitator.

I came to Aarohi to learn facilitation and understand open learning. It happened besides that lots of inner change is happening.

I’m learning the difference between what is observations and analysing. Talking infront of a big group was really not my cup of tea. Now, I have expanded my comfort zone. My social confidence is increased. I’m learning to give suggestions instead of blaming something. I’m learning to connect to someone through doing. I’m learning to plan my day. I’m learning what are the different things I can do with my life. I was exposed to lot of new things. I’m a person who wants to do everything so perfectly. So I struggle to start. Now I’m learning to do.

I’m learning different ways of interacting with the children.

I’m learning that facilitation is more about the relationship we share with each other. I’m learning that how the interaction is more important than completing the task or the task itself.

I’m understanding that we all are doing, learning, seeking, observing and understanding…..Basically, Inging

What matters is we are doing”.