Community at Aarohi Campus

The whole year at campus is divided into 4 terms of 10 weeks each. Children can choose to be part of Aarohi Campus for the entire year or some terms.
We recommend each learner to spend at least one term at campus for families to get the enriching experience of a vibrant space like Aarohi Campus and connect with peers beyond screens .


  • Four terms of 9-11 weeks each followed by a break of 2 weeks. May month full month break.
  • Children can choose to be at the campus for all the four terms or any combination of any individual terms, including not being part of campus at all.
  • Children can stay on campus by themselves or with their parents – depending on their preference.
  • Families can also be part of Special themed week at campus (once every term)

Financial Contribution

  • Families who commit to be at campus for the entire year will contribute as follows at the start of the year. Such families get a 10K reduction in the annual cost compared to term wise contribution.
    For one child at campus (all four terms) – 1.22L to 1.4L
    For two children from the same family – 2.02L to 2.20L
  • Each child who chooses to be at campus for some terms would contribute 33K per term. Every additional member from the same family (parents or siblings) at the campus for the term contributes 20K per term.
  • All basic expenses incurred for campus stay, food, facilitation and overall community maintenance are included in the contribution.
  • Members visiting campus for some days / weeks in a term – contribute guest charges which is ₹7K to ₹10K for Mon-Fri per person. For special weeks, we can charge the same or higher based on costs involved.

Why should your child be part of Aarohi Campus for at least 1 term?

Aarohi Life education trust received approx. 5 acres of land as a gift from Deb Uncle. We created a campus that teaches!!!

Teaches habits of mind like responsibility, independence, self-reflection, sensitivity, etc. Teaches thinking skills like wondering, wandering, analysis, decision making, problem solving, etc. Teaches living with love and affection for environment, flora and fauna, and care for each stone and each forest glade. Teaches value of wishing, working and wisdom. Teaches the joy of learning and living together; Joy of simplicity, of earthiness, and of sensitivity. Teaches scientific, mathematical and artistic thinking. Teaches the language of creativity and imagination.

The campus has a wide range of resources and spaces for different needs and interests.

We all live together – all of us cook, grow vegetables, eat, clean, sleep, sing, dance, play games, play sports, do gardening, make structures, paint, read books, wash clothes, light fires, break and repair things, converse and breath. We are all equal – hence we all fight, love, help, care, cry and laugh with each other.

Located near a village in Tamil Nadu, about 60km from Bangalore, Aarohi’s open campus invites learners of all ages to come stay and participate in our community of open learners.