Young Parents @ Aarohi

I have heard the quotation “make children laugh and when they are laughing, put learning in their mouth”. For many years I took this literally “make them laugh – I tried jokes…….jumping around to amuse them…………..used puppets and many more things……since last two week I have been experiencing laughing in terms of self achievement.

Kids decided to have pets –no adult at the campus had any idea about the pets (good news). All I did was FOLLOWED them and I saw them laughing with happiness, working almost 12hrs in a day, had sleepless nights to care for them, visiting vet doctor, with the sick dogs, running around and cleaning potty and choo choo………..understanding their food needs, cleaning clothes in rain, making homes for them, some kids stayed for 10 continuous days at the campus to ensure pets are taken care. ……………………..the list is long.

As if, this was not enough challenging and we adopted two kittens and now one more. And I saw them laughing in toughed of the situation.

I saw kids reading about pets, meeting people, finding about diseases, understanding vaccine schedule, learning about training, observing the behavior and habits of pets…………..There was we nothing that they did not do which was required to take care of pets. Life is beautiful with so many young parents around.

The first bark of Bella was celebrated with joy. Pepper got sick and is the youngest in the family and looked quite approachable to youngest child to start understanding about pets, Smiley likes to take what Bella takes and they fight for the same stick, same food bowl, same cloth to tear apart.

Melissa, from CUPA, is our mentor, initially kids called her every half an hour………… potty is thin, now they are not eating, now……………………………. and she very patiently took all our calls and answered to each child.

As a faculty I did not know anything about pets. I have never touched any dog before. Basically had no idea about the subject matter which my children wanted to learn and this was a good news for learning process for kids. I learnt with them, they taught me many things……… to touch, break beliefs about hygiene…………………the list is long. My benefits– I leanrt a lot about each child, about the pets and myself.

Few kids shared

  • When I went to the vet doctor, it was different experience because it was not only playing with them, it was about their health and also about their habits and needs. It was also about their potty and choo clean up. We took help of our guide from CUPA on health of one of the puppy (Pepper). I understood about blood potty and dogs diseases. It was tough to take care of two puppies at a time. I learnt about dog;s

  • I am taking care of three puppies along with my peer. I am understanding them and enjoying with them. I learnt a lot about puppies/kittens and caring.

  • Whole week my main goal was Puppies. On Tuesday I went to the animal shelter, there were 30 – 35 dogs and 20 – 25 puppies. I was over whelmed and very happy. I enjoyed listening to Melissa and understanding about how to care for the puppies. I was very anxious and excited on the way back. Then I worked on understanding the dog needs, my role with them. I made process for their cleaning and schedule for their food. I worked on creating a home for them and a companion for me. I enjoyed playing with them and dealing with all the problems I encountered. First few days were hassle and overwhelming for me but over the days I and my peers settle down and so did the puppies with the new environment. Taking care of puppies is little physically tiring and cleaning their toiled in very very horrible job. I really enjoy plying with them. On Friday I went to adopt kittens. I worked on understanding the kittens and I struggled with settling them as they were very frightened and unhappy with separation with mother. On the night of second day they ran away. I felt very sad and disappointed. I enjoying the experience of taking care of puppies.

  • I learnt that If I do not think, it will not work any work. worked by getting material and searching material for painting pets on stone. I think I do not need to trouble pets when they are playing.

  • When Melissa was talking about puppy, was visualizing the step by step process. I was visualizing before going to vet will puppy be cooperative. I was visualizing puppies in western toilet as their new home. I was visualizing them getting comfortable with different environments. I learnt that even we change places – how we get comfortable with new place. I was able to relate how puppies were feeling with changing environment and changes around them, including playing areas. disease, health and how to take care of them and playing with them.

    My role as a faculty was to to be available when they needed – to go to CUPA, arrange material, arrange for resources like vet clinic, medicines, beds, blankets etc etc……..
    To help them them when they wanted – take care of sick puppy in the night.
    To listen to them and break my own beliefs……….what is hygiene and how to understand it.
    To challenge them – after the initial running around, they got lost how to move ahead in group, who is doing what …………..we together made schedules, divided responsibilities, teams and understood the whole process.
    To accept each child at their level….all wanted to be part of the project and have different understanding and skills, Worked with each child to be able to work for their goal as desired by them.
    To give them space when they needed………….take time to make shelter, process of hygiene, food, and so on.
    And most importantly BELIEVE in them that they can!!! They are capable!!! and they are AMABLE!!! This belief allowed me to trust them in each situation, each failure and accept their struggle in the learning process. I am enjoying each moment of the week after week. Thank you kids for giving me lovely leanring opportunity – I am in love with Bella, Smiley and Pepper along with Pepsi, Fanta and Fantasy. I have discoverd the lovley world of animals.