You can’t understand

My son and his friend were discussing about Harry Potter. They were using some words which were beyond my comprehension.

After listening for some time I picked up one word KORA- not sure how it is spelled. I asked them what it was. Phat reply simultaneously from both- Hey, Maa/aunty it is ok you won’t understand. I smiled and looked at them. I asked them why you think I won’t understand.They just smiled and said Ok see.
This interaction left me thinking.How many times because of their age we tell them you won’t understand? How many time we pass our judegemnts on them?
Can we share and leave it to them to comprehend? Can they construct their own understanding? Can we leaving them like a flowing river which keeps going in different directions?
Can we trust them that they are part of the concept am-able?
Each day a learning being with children)