Writing kit

We gave a WRITING KIT all at O-campus in the beginning of writing week.

It had

  1. One Parker pen
  2. 1/3 paper pad
  3. 1/3 post-it-pad
  4. One pouch to keep all the stationery
  5. One pencil and one sharpener (whole week restriction of no eraser and scale).
  6. For Samarth we had put crayons instead of Parker pen
  7. One Journal DIARY to each child (courtesy our cement supplier who gave us Jaypee cement diary) – They use it in the night EVERYDAY.

All the above courtesy Nayana and British Embassy. Now the kit is part of them (no need to give back) – they enjoyed writing with Parker pen and possessing OWN KIT.

Some wrote feelings, some wrote dreams, some wrote thoughts. After a week some decorated the journal….Writing kit and Journal both are PRECIOUS for them. Enjoying their JOY.