world of sharing

Few week back, I decided to not have a personal laptop – all kids in my session do not have personal laptops, all faculty in aarohi do not have personal laptops. I observed kids negotiating, bargaining, manging the timings and sharing of laptops – this was fascinating for me, as I think I have lost this skill of asking and sharing. I decided to give up my laptop and entered the wonderful world of sharing.

Well, it was not as easy it looked. I had to first stuggle with my 40yrs old habits of having things in place, things to avaiable when I need………… organization skills were challenged as I had to organize my files and work in multiple laptops.

The laptops to aaroi are mostly donated – first few laptops shutoff without any warning and I lost some of my work in the different hard disk, I pushed myself and explorde google offline ………it worked for sometime and soon it was time for that laptop to shutoff. As if this experiment was not enough for me, the internet connection at campus is another struggle which came in life. For years I got used to of fast speed of internet connetion, with almost 24hrs connection avaible. And here comes internet with slowest speed and in phases and by turns.

I am used to of keeping my work updated – all my observation updated in time, all my blogs written in time and ………………… comes my struggle. My reflections written in different laptops, my blog material hanging in my mind (no laptops free) and so on. My image of “doing things in time” was challanged, I am just not able to deliver work in time.

Kids playing video and my emergency to write an article – both are viewed EQUALLY. So while I wait for my chance to get laptop and internet connection, I also observe myself, conncet with myself and be at peace.

Its intertsing to know myself, know my struggle and stay with this discomfort. The journey has also opened up many other avenuse to think and explore. I am enjoying this stuggle.