The world of NEWS

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We all read news, or at least know about news – news paper, social media, TV etc are the various mediums which allows us to know what is happening around.

A session with Rajesh to understand the world of news, newspaper and reporters. It began with “What is News? When dog bites a man, it is not a news, but when the man bites a dog, its news!”

We further pondered over – What kind of news do you follow? – Sports, Movie, Gaming, Creation, Crafting, automobile, Natural disasters, events, etc.

Why do you need news? Is it to know the world around, human Interest, to know what happened in the history, or just a event happened. But Why do we need information or news? – Is to know the word around or to stay connected. Certain news comes to us, speciality of our interest. Do we need News organisation at all? Are we open to receive the information? How is the event of president chosen in another country can affect (impact) our lives in this country? How knowing certain development can help us?

And it was time to understand – What is journalism? What are news organisations? Who are journalist? What does a journalist do? What does the editor do? Write what is required, and say nothing more! And that is editing.

So next time you read a news look for Five W- Why, When, Where, Who, and What? And one H – how, In any news.

Working of newspaper office – knowing the events of the day, covering the news, editing, lay-outing,

What is headlines of the day – do they set the agenda for the people to talk? And what is fake news? How does one decides which is fake?

Well, we just got the glimpses of the NEWS industry – but it was nice to know from an editor about the world of NEWS MAKING!

In open learning The whole world is our classroom or lab.

All the people in this world are available as guides – some in person, some have written books, made websites and some have posted videos.

All just for the us to learn. Now child decides.

Open learning or unschooling or home education

does not mean that the child does not need a teacher. Just that the child does not need to be taught.

does not mean that child will learn by self. Just that the child will figure out how or from whom to learn.