Workshops for Teachers

We are presuming that you are here because you run a school or are a principal or HM or school coordinator. You know the importance of continuous learning for your team of teachers and you want to continuously value add to the team's development.

Broadly teacher training can be divided into three scenarios

  1. Value adding to teaching skills / methods (this would include areas like Active learning, Multiple Intelligences, Learning Organisers, Thinking Skills, Habits of minds, and also subject specific training - teaching methods for maths science, arts, social sciences, languages, spellings, sports, music etc).
  2. Helping teachers solve issues in classroom (this would include areas like Disciplining and Behaviour management, Learning Styles, helping slow learners, etc).
  3. Creating a child-based democratic school (this would include making the children lead own learning, learning tools, self assessment, students managed classrooms, collaborative learning, etc)

Do let us know in which area you would like us to value add to your school. You may also approach us for very specific topics (that may not fall into any area - like Preparing children sexually etc).
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