We don’t actually train – we untrain.

We invite you to  alight from your train of beliefs, knowledge and perspectives, and explore new alternatives to learning, parenting and working with children

Our workshops are not designed to give solutions, but to push, pull, shake, churn, confuse and agitate you. Just so that you don’t remain the same. Just so that you discover many different windows. Just  so you dip into your creativity to cook new dishes.

Just, so that you feel empowered to empower children. 

Since 2002, our workshops have created value for: 

  • parents who want to make parenting deeply joyful, meaningful and child-led.
  • teachers who want to explore child-led learning rather than teacher-led classrooms 
  • people who want to create environments, learning centers and spaces for self-directed learners. 

We conduct multiple ONLINE workshops throughout the year, in the sequence as shown below. Click on the date / name to get details of the program (including registration form) 

Integrated Learning: Creating wholesome, rich, interconnected learning journeys all out of your child’s life.

Learning from Master: Insights into children and learning from seven masters of education.

Aarohi Kinship of Initiatives: Community of people who want to start their education initiative or learning center.

Jagriti: to discover new perspectives, new ways of adding deeper meaning to child and self.

Jagriti- Even on Jun 24th

Self Directed Learning: To understand child led learning and facilitate it for your children

Self Directed Learning- Even on November 30th