Working of Aarohi – Team Meets

Reading Time: 2 min.

Running campus democratically is no small business, we take it seriously and sincerely…..each week meet and review our working, reassign duties, give feedback to each others and our leaders.

These weekly meetings and reviews helps us to pull ourselves, relook into our working and work on feedback. Each team has one mentor, one leader and one group representative.

  1. Mentors are the facilitators and their role remains in guiding – they rotate each term (one term is five weeks)
  2. Leaders are elected every alternate week, their work scope is defined and they take help of facilitators to understand the scope of the work. Each week they are given feedback by other team members and at the same time other members give feedback to leaders on their roles.
  3. Group representatives are also elected using sociocracy process. They take care of all the communication to the rest of the group.

Elections are interesting process — voting, sharing and electing.Each one nominates and share the reason for nominating. Some of the expressions “You have not been working, so I want you to become leader so you understand how to take responsibility”. “I observed that you have fair idea about working so I think you will be able to guide all of us” or “I think I can be a good leader, I like to tell other people what to do”. OR “I have fair idea about working, I think I will be a good leader”. OR “You need to work on your communication skills, so becoming group will help you” OR “I am good in making posters, I think I will be good with GR”. After listening one rounds, we all get chance to change our nomination, some change, some stay with original nomination.

at the end whole team pass their consensus and celebrate.

This whole process has helped us a lot to bring involvement and care in campus care.

Thank you Sociocracy.