Word war INSIDE


Two kids fighting…we let this happens

Few kids not able to work together…we let this continue

One child is not accepted…we let this continue

‘boys’ and ‘girls’ fight over ‘silly’ things…we let that happen

jealousy, revenge, putting down, friendship, support, acceptance, rejections…all are part of the environment.

There is nothing to CHANGE! There is only to be AWARE!…and that’s what we do.

Bring awareness…communication…interactions….images one make for each other….language one uses for self and other…thoughts one has for self and others…awareness to know self, to know that one is feeling jealous, to know that its okay to feel remorseful, to discover self, to connect with self, to connect with others.

WORD war was one of the session to bring awareness about “War of words”.

We shared a list of words (images) we use for self as well for others – Lazy, Bookworm, Crazy, Cute, Fool, Dumb, Happy, Short, Creative, Good, Cartoon, Playful

Have you ever seen anyone always happy, or good or crazy or bad?
Is the person crazy or behaving crazy?
These words which we think are permanent or temporary?
Is the behaviour permanent or temporary?
Is it possible that one makes permanent images?
Is it possible that one makes temporarily images?
Is there is a problem with a permanent image of good?
What leads to war (inside the mind) ?
Do we want permanent images?
Is it that everyone is cute and not cute, crazy and not crazy, happy and not happy, good and not good ?
It’s not what you say but what you think.
Can the mind be free of these conditioning?

And is it that we only say words which are negative? What do the positive words (images) do to us? – Good child, well behaved, responsible, caring, helping, well mannered…do you struggle to maintain these image? Is there WAR INSIDE to come out of these images? Are you always good? or sometime good sometime bad? We questioned…and no one right answer for any one question for the war inside us!