Wondering with scientific thinking!


.Where does wind comes from? What difference it would have made if all the fingers are of different size? Why eraser rub the pencil? Why trees goes up? Why we can’t listen from nose? What is scientific thinking? – Is it wondering…keep thinking..not one thought but continue to think… thinking which does not stop with one answer.

Dance scientifically…explore dance without bending knees? What is the role of knee? What if we had only leg (no upper and lower leg) ?
Cut a star or flower, fold petals, put in the water and wonder! Where all this happens in nature? What if I put the same in custard? Will hot water change the phenomenon? Why it changes colour? What will happen in sea? Where else in nature it happens? Will different paper make any difference?

A session with Jagdish, a naturalist was to explore what is watching bird? Jagdish, a mechanical engineer working in software industry. Soon realized that he didn’t want to do what he was doing…took break and got interested in nature photography and now into natural farming apart from being birder and naturalist. Bird watching is less about identifying and more about observing and collecting data…often asked a question “how do you know that?

The thought club brought an opportunity to share a magic trick and audience wondering ” what, why, how”.
One pen, no ink and still writing….wonder it was science or illusion, will different surface make any difference?Cards tricks….wonder were all cards same? Speed? Memory? Shape?
Take a handkerchief, put one twig inside break it and make it same again…wonder if there two twigs?
Flick a card and wonder…does weight of the card makes any difference? How bernaulli’s theorem plays any role here? Does the angle makes any difference? Lift a card with single finger and wonder If Hanuman and Krishna did the same magic?Disappear the coin and wonder if the sound makes any difference? Find that card and wonder if maths is all about magic? Rope it around your neck and wonder if knots are real? Make rubber band go up without moving and wonder if the gravity was not working?

Collect few things from the nature ( minimum five) and now balance them in each other. While balancing think of question related to balance. Discover balance through your own exploration!

And the life continues along with wondering at the campus…CarpentryPractice, Sketching, Aarohi Warden, Session Preprations, Jaatre on photography and nature, Drawing, Colouring, Painting, Gardening, Guest Tours, Baking, Cooking, Reading, Kaa Prepration, Sports, Jobs, Jaatre onTheatre with Anuradha, NIOS, Bhajans, Septic tank cleaning, Explore Instruments, Singing, Local Guide, Craft with Kanchan, Drumming, Marathi Songs, Pottery wheel, dog house, my House, My voice, Compiling parent voice (from Manthan), Writer’s club, Music practice, Parent Communication, Painting, Tree Labelling, Blogging, Growing Mint, Exploring Mitti Fridge, Bean bag repair, Creeper nursery, Septic tank cleaning, Amplifier,Accounts. Forest walk and Walk to the pond!

Wondering continues…