Wondering and Learning Journey


He has a fear of water.

He prefers snorkeling over deep-sea diving (later he finished deep-diving course too ๐Ÿ™‚

He loves surfing but has a fear of unknown water.

A few years back he made a raft and paddled across a pond – he just wanted to make, didn’t want to indulge in understanding the concepts (buoyancy, etc) behind them.

A few years later, he wondered – How do ships float? He just got interested in ships, not actually ships but interested in ” how things work? “

He started with asking questions and found those answers by reading, researching, and watching videos. He took a one-hour sessionand presented his learnings to the group(mix of 6 to 49yrs old). He understood Archimedes principal, the principal if Buoyancy, about the shape of the ships, and the role of the hull. When it came to understandingsinking, for him “The Titanic” (movie) came naturally. He further shared about modern technologies/ design to prevent sinking. How does a ship steer? This was the next logical question to explore. He didn’t miss to use Newton’s second law while explaining about rudder getting pushed with force by propellers and steering.

How do ships get into the sea? What all can you do on the ships? (Water slides, play golf, clubbing, hangout, theater, play football, casino, WiFi and tonnes of other things). What are the different types of ships? ( Boats, Cargo, Cruise, Sail, Icebreakers, Ships in the olden days? His entire presentation was a series of questions he asked himself. He shared answers to various questions, he explained to us whenever we raised any doubts. Wherever he was not sure he was not afraid to say ” I don’t know”.

Crazy ships were just the right closing video which left us with huge excitement to invent our own ships!